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Narrative Short Story Samples 

These 3 samples are excerpts of short stories I’ve submitted for a creative writing application 

Jacob’s Well 

Everyone knows about Jacob’s Well in the bible but what about Jacob’s well in Wimberly, Texas? It’s not very well known and perhaps that’s for the better. It’s a beautiful spot and gem of a swimming hole – no doubt. However, what lies beneath will make your skin crawl. 

According to sources, Jacob’s Well cave descends vertically for about 30 feet but that isn’t what the locals find eerie in the deep blue cavity. Once divers have descended, the cave continues downward at an awkward angle. Then, through a series of chambers each separated by narrower spaces, thrill seeking divers finally reach the depths by 120 feet. It’s there they discover what lies beneath. 

Gopro footage has gone viral online of two divers making the descent down Jacob’s Well. The video starts out with two guys smiling and being goofy. They put on their diving gear not before sharing all their socials and where to buy their merch. Then they slowly make their descent, frequently giving a thumbs up to the camera. As they make their descent downward, the light becomes dimmer and the ambience turns a deeper blue. Finally at the bottom one of the divers is seen contorting his body strangely in the dim footage, a creature’s arm is seen pulling his leg into a darker cave, and the other diver barely escapes. The proof is in the footage that something, a creature, lives beneath Jacob’s well and it’s taken the life of a diver. 

Miranda’s Nightmare 

There was a knock at the door but Miranda couldn’t move. The bangs pounded slowly and rhythmically with a furious tone. Miranda’s stiff limbs felt glued to the sheets, her eyes felt heavy and her vision was foggy.

“Miranda, open up!”

She stayed put, covering herself beneath the sheets, and silenced her breathing. Not that the stranger outside could hear her shallow breaths but she wanted to conceal herself as much as possible – even if she was being irrational.

“Miranda, if you don’t open up, I’m calling the cops.”

With her heart pounding, she reached for her phone and opened up the doorbell app. She wanted to see who was at the door but her clumsy fingers accidentally pressed the microphone. “Shit. shit. shit,” she murmured over the doorbell microphone. Her face flushed red and she let out a scream.

Twin Sisters Hotel

The hotel I’m staying at isn’t owned by twin sisters. It was owned by two cousins who looked alike so much that they were confused by the town’s people as twin sisters. In 1887, two cousins were born only one month apart. Legend goes that their father got around the town and perhaps both girls were his daughters. No one knows for sure but that’s the theory behind the legend.

The Twin Sisters Hotel has undergone new management every 5 or 6 years for the past century. Supposedly this is due to hauntings taking place in the hotel’s rooms, lobby, and even the gardens. I don’t buy it for a second. However, with a messed up origin story like that I don’t blame the twin ghosts for wanting to set the record straight. Although, nothing could ever convince me of ghosts existing.

My friend Christopher and I accepted a bet to stay three nights in the hotel in their ‘most haunted room’ 232. We accepted and confident as I am, I already spent $500 on credit assuming the money is pretty much earned. I get a free $500 and a paid vacation with room and board.

Christopher smoked a pipe in the bar, staring at an oil painting. “Jacob, don’t they remind you of the twins in the movie The Shining? I mean, just look at their expressionless faces and matching blue dresses with pink waist bows? Do you think Stanley Kubrik got inspiration from this hotel?”

“Don’t be an idiot. Like Kubrick ever spent a day in this nothin town of Greene, Texas.”

“But I mean it’s uncanny isn’t it?”